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Who are Seventh-day Adventists?

Seventh-day Adventists are a global family of Christians who hold the Bible as the ultimate authority. There are, however, a few distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from many other Christian denominations. Learn more

Why is the Seventh-day Sabbath so important to Seventh-day Adventists?

When reading through the Bible, you’ve probably come across the word “Sabbath.”This word is used 172 times throughout the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments. It’s also the fourth of the Ten Commandments and was first celebrated by God Himself right after He created the earth. Learn more

What are the proven health benefits of the Adventist lifestyle

Can you pick a Seventh-day Adventist out of a crowd? Or would you know when you passed one on the street?

Maybe not, but there are distinctive characteristics of Adventists all around the world. It all stems from their conviction to reflect the character of Christ in every aspect of their lives. Learn more

What do Adventist believe about Jesus Christ

The entire Plan of Salvation is no short story; it’s more like a saga. Each part of the bigger story involves several events and concepts that inspire profound exploration and study. It’s also a story that isn’t finished yet… though God Himself has declared how it will end.

Fortunately for us human beings, the ending God has planned is in our favor. In its finality, it will matter most on the personal level. It all comes down to a choice: Where do you really want to be, and Who do you really want to be with? All the rest is taken care of by Jesus Christ. Learn more

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GRACE TEMPLE is officially open with limited capacity. For those who would like to attend the services in person we are asking you to please register on Event Brite with the following link: Click Here.
We are still following Covid CDC recommended guidelines. Please wear your maks and complete the  COVID-19 form. When you arrive to the church your Covid form will be collected and your temperature will be taken.
The services will be recorded and streamed live via Facebook & Youtube and Twitch starting at 11:50am.We look forward to seeing you in person.
May God continue to Bless and Keep you.

Dr. Cedric Belcher